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This wiki is dedicated to covering all topics relating to the semi-popular video games Super Phantom Cat and Super Phantom Cat 2. No matter what you're looking for relating to these games, if it's official and directly related to one of these games, you should be able to find it here.

To-Do List Edit

Hey everyone! Here are some things that need to be done, so if you can do any of them, that would be a great benefit to the community! :D The items are listed below.

Add all necessary information for:


  • Walkthroughs
  • Tips

Policy Edit

Before editing this wiki, please take a minute to read these rules. They're fairly short.

Main Rules Edit

  • Constructiveness: Everything should either build the wiki or build the wiki's community. Anything that helps neither, such as adding nonsense or misinformation to articles, does not belong on the wiki and will be removed.
  • Civility: Editors of the wiki should be civil to one another, even when they disagree. When disputes arise, editors should attempt to find consensus and to resolve the problem cooperatively. Editors should not insult each other or call each other names.
  • Safety: In the interests of making this wiki a pleasant place for all Super Phantom Cat enthusiasts, material that might reasonably be offensive to someone is strictly prohibited. This includes profanity, violence, etc.
  • Neutrality: Content on the wiki should be free of bias so that the readers, not the editors, can decide whether something is good, bad, or neither.
  • No Ownership: This wiki, including each piece of content on the wiki, belongs to the community as a whole - not to any user or contributor. Further, any user can edit any page on the wiki (such edits must, of course, adhere to the guidelines as stated above).

Rules for Handling Misbehavior Edit

Users who violate the main rules will be warned that they are violating the rules and will eventually be banned if they cause enough trouble. Users who make small-scale violations will be warned four times before being banned (in chat, warned three times, then kicked once, then chat-banned). Users who make greater violations or violate the rules after being banned for rule violations will get fewer warnings before being kicked or banned. The duration of the ban will depend on the severity of the offense, and how many times that user has been banned before.

Violations that warrant four warnings include: good-faith Constructiveness violations (users harming the wiki when they mean to be helping), being mildly insulting (Civility violation), using mild profanity (Safety violation), Neutrality violations, and No Ownership violations. Violations that warrant fewer warnings include bad-faith Constructiveness violations (deliberate attempts to harm the site, also known as trolling or vandalism, these will receive only one warning), harsher insults (three to one warnings, depending on the severity of the insults; no warnings will be given for certain threats), and harsh profanity (three or two warnings, depending on the severity of the profanity). How mild or harsh insults or profanity count as depends on the case in question, and cannot be easily explained here without violating the rules laid out on this page.

Epilogue Edit

There, now you've read the rules. Enjoy the wiki!

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