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Super Phantom Cat 2 is a 2017 platform game for iOS, Android, and Steam (being known erroneously as Super Phantom Cat on this last platform). The game was created by indie game studio Veewo, with Feiyu and Start Studio listed as "partners". Super Phantom Cat 2 is the sequel to Veewo's iOS and Android game Super Phantom Cat (not to be confused with this game's Steam variant). The game's main story arc follows an anthropomorphic white cat named Ari as he tries to rescue his sister, Ina, from the Phantom World, the game's main setting.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Super Phantom Cat 2 is a 2D platform game. The main objective of every level is to reach the end portal; however, other goals—displayed on the level select screen—exist for each level. The game currently contains 66 levels, which are separated into 8 worlds. In addition to the main levels, there are also challenges (formerly called Quests) which can be unlocked by opening chests in regular levels. Challenges often have unique objectives ranging from finding special collectibles to avoiding critters. The player can obtain experience, coins, and gems in levels; experience allows player to level up and unlock perks, while coins and gems allow the player to buy various items.

Goals[edit | edit source]

On the level select screen, each level has multiple icons attached to it. Each icon corresponds to a different goal. The following icons are attached to each level:

  • Compass: This lights up if the player has ever gotten a given number of exploration points or more in the level (varying per level).
  • Star: This lights up if the player has gotten the star in the level. When the player completes this goal the first time for a given level, the player is awarded with one gem.
  • Chest: This lights up if the player has ever opened at least one chest in the level.
  • Diamond: This lights up if the player has ever obtained all of the coins in a given level. Removed in version 1.3.
  • Number of Exploration Points: This shows the largest number of exploration points that the player has ever obtained in the level, as well as the maximum number of exploration points that the player could obtain in the level. Added in version 1.3.
  • Number of Chests Opened: This shows the largest number of chests that the player has ever opened in the level, as well as the maximum number of chests that the player could open in the level. Added in version 1.3.
  • Crown: Appears lit up—replacing the Compass, Star, and Chest icons—if the player has completed every other goal in this list. Added in version 1.3.

Worlds[edit | edit source]

The game is divided into a number of worlds, each with their own set of levels (varying in number) and visual theme. Additionally, each of the first four worlds has a unique Phantom Power, an item that gives the player a special ability after they collect it in a given level. Later worlds utilize Phantom Powers from the first four worlds.

Worlds List[edit | edit source]

World Number World Name Visual Theme Number of Levels Phantom Power(s) Introduced In Removed During
1 Mystic Forest Forest 7 Plant only. Update 1.0. Never removed.
2 Lost Garden Forest/Castle 7 Blink only. Update 1.0. Never removed.
3 Torrid Oasis Desert 7 Slam only. Update 1.0. Never removed.
4 Glacial Valley Icy 7 Ice only. Update 1.0. Never removed.
6 Autumnight Moon Festival 5 A mixture of the above. Update 1.3. Updates 1.5—2.0.
7 Halloween Spooky 5 A mixture of the above. Update 1.5. Update 2.0.
0 Hello Kitty Dessert 3 A mixture of the above. Update 2.0. Never removed.
H Ancient Tree Various 25 A mixture of the above. Update 2.0. Never removed.
5 Dark Spire Castle 5 Resize only. Update 2.2. Never removed.

Phantom Powers[edit | edit source]

Here is a list of the Phantom Powers, as seen in the game:

  • Plant: Allows the player to do the following things: attach vines onto walls, which the player can then climb by jumping up the vines; temporarily ensnare nearby critters in vines; make bricks fragile enough to be smashed by being pushed against; and activate white lines sticking out of the floor, turning them into coins.
  • Blink: Allows the player to teleport through obstacles. Also allows the player to teleport through critters, temporarily stunning them.
  • Slam: Allows the player to smash downwards, destroying any critters (with the exception of Nervys) and breakable objects in their path, while collecting any coins in their path. Analagous to Super Phantom Cat's Smash.
  • Ice: Allows the player to attach icy ledges to walls, which the player can then jump on; however, these ledges disappear after a short period of time. Also allows the player to freeze critters in blocks of ice, which can then be pushed around and used as platforms by the player.
  • Resize: Allows the player to temporarily shrink critters, enlarge robots, and change the size of resize blocks,[1] which are purple square blocks that change size.

Currency and Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Finishing levels and completing goals gives the player experience points. When the player has gained enough experience points, they will level up, giving them more gems, a replenished energy meter, and often a new perk. The perks are listed below:

  • At level 3, the player unlocks the Base. The Base comes with two buildings: the Wishing Tree, where the player can trade coins or gems for Hero Fragments (a currency tracked for each character that, when it reaches a certain number for a given character, unlocks that character; see more at Characters); and the Elixir Lab, where the player can pay coins to buy Elixirs, special items that will replenish the player's health after losing all of it in a level.
  • At level 4, the player unlocks another building for the Base, called the Key Factory. This building lets the player pay coins to buy Keys, which allow the player to unlock special golden chests in levels.
  • At level 5, the player unlocks another building for the Base, called the Treasure Shrine. This building pays the player over a period of time, as long as the number of coins that the player has does not exceed a certain number (currently 20000, originally 10000).
  • At level 6, the player unlocks the (originally) final building for the Base, called the Balloon Maker. This building lets the player pay coins to buy Balloons, special items that will let the player keep playing after falling off of the screen.
  • At a currently undetermined level, the player unlocks the new final building for the Base: Bingo. This building lets the player pay a new currency called Bingo Tickets (obtainable daily, by paying gems, or by watching videos) to fill in random squares on a 5x5 grid, where getting 5 in a row will give the player 5 different bits of currency. These can be any of coins, gems, Hero Fragments, more Bingo Tickets, Quest Tickets (expended 3–5 at a time to play Challenges), or new Challenges (story currently unknown). Getting 5 in a row will also give the player Hero Fragments for Prince Ari. The board clears every day, requiring the usage of several Bingo Tickets in a row to have a change of getting rewards.

All buildings for the Base (minus the Wishing Tree and Bingo) allow the player to assign collected Heroes to them, which will allow the player to manufacture a number of items proportional to the number of Heroes assigned (in the case of the Elixir Lab, Key Factory, and Balloon Maker) or will give the player more money over time (in the case of the Treasure Shrine). The player cannot assign more Heroes than they own, and must buy additional slots with coins to add Heroes if they want to add more than one (though each building has a maximum number of slots). The player can also pay gems to buy Elixirs, Keys, or Balloons on-the-fly if they need them in a level, as well as being able to use gems to speed up the production of Elixirs, Keys, or Balloons.

Chests[edit | edit source]

Regular Chests (left) and Golden Chests (right), shown closed (top) and open (bottom).

Loot-bearing chests can be found in two types within various levels of the game. Each type contains a selection of different types of loot, one of which will be randomly awarded to the player upon opening a given chest.

The first type, Regular Chests, are brown Chests that can be opened simply by walking over to and rubbing up against them. These usually contain either a small number of coins (which can be doubled by watching an ad) or 1 gem (rarely 2).

The second type, Golden Chests, require one of a few special means of opening. While the standard way is to spend a key, the player can instead spend 3 gems, occasionally being offered the option to watch an ad instead of paying one of these currencies to open the chest. Each of these chests contains a few Hero Fragments for a randomly selected character.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Throughout the game, the player can access a Quest menu, which lays out various achievements for the player to complete. Should the player successfully complete a given quest, they will be rewarded with one of the game's currencies (coins, gems, keys, or Hero Fragments), along with Hero Fragments for a new Ina skin. A new quest following the quest that the player just completed will then appear to be completed, unless the player has completed all quests in a given category, in which case that quest will go to the bottom of the list and be marked as completed. Quest types can include finishing levels, getting stars and crowns in them, buying various Base items, and so on.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Main Story Arc: Worlds 1-5[edit | edit source]

In the tutorial, Ari follows his younger sister, Ina, into a temple, where he sees Ina arrive near a giant robot (known as the Guardian Robot). Ina and the Guardian Robot are then captured by a UFO (referred to later as UFO). Ari chases after UFO, but is attacked by monsters dropped by UFO, only to be rescued by Alpha. Alpha tells Ari to find Alpha's sprite friend and leaves to find clues.

In level 1-2, Darwin Roy requests the player's assistance in freeing some robots. The player helps Darwin Roy, earning them Darwin's thanks.

In level 1-7, Elo asks for the player's help in defeating more monsters. The player plows through the level until they reach the end, where they encounter UFO, who dispatches more monsters to fight the player. When the player defeats the monsters, UFO leaves. Elo reappears and tells the player that he'll help the player find UFO again.

In level 3-7, Elo informs Ari that Ina is on a train. Ari boards the train and finds Ina, as well as the Guardian Robot, who is re-captured by UFO. Ari rescues Ina with some assistance from Alpha. Ina then begs Ari to save the robots.

In level 5-5, Ari finds the Guardian Robot, just before the robot controlling the UFO kicks the Guardian Robot, causing the Guardian Robot's eyes to turn red. Ari asks if the Guardian Robot is all right, but it makes meaningless sounds. This and the fact that the UFO robot purportedly looked furious causes Ari to come to the conclusion that they need to stop the UFO robot. However, before he can act on this, the Guardian Robot begins attacking him. Ari and the Guardian Robot battle, with Ari ultimately defeating the Guardian Robot, causing its eyes to turn green. The Guardian Robot thanks Ari for arriving, causing Ari to chastise it for almost killing him. The Guardian Robot explains, "I deliberately had to change the code as I heard about their plans", at which point Ari says that "For the future of Photon Robot, we need to [destroy] it." The UFO robot is then shown trying to return to its UFO, at which point the Guardian Robot flies over and punches the UFO robot, causing it to fly into the distance saying that it will return.

World 6: Autumnight[edit | edit source]

In level 6-1, Elo informs Alice and Witney that they are in the Moon Palace, a place that appears every year in mid-Autumn, and that a goddess lives there, causing Alice to decide that she wants the goddess's autograph. After searching through the entire level, Alice is unable to locate the goddess, but decides to continue searching regardless.

In level 6-2, Alice encounters Ina, who claims to have seen wolves, and the two run away. They then run into Witney and Elo, and Alice informs them that Ina saw wolves, although Ina reveals that all she knows is that she saw a dark shadow and that it was howling.

In level 6-3, Witney asks Elo where the wolves came from, to which Elo responds by relaying the Legend of Full Moon, which says that anyone with evil in their heart gets turned into a wolf on the night of the full moon. Alice thinks that, because of this, the goddess might be in danger, and decides to go save her. During Alice's search, she encounters Alpha, who she initially believes is a wolf, but Alpha manages to convince her otherwise. Alpha suggests that they continue their discussion somewhere safer, so they travel to the end of the level, at which points Alice relays the story up to that point to Alpha. Alpha then reveals that the howling dark wolf was actually him practicing karaoke, and tells Alice to apologize to Ina for him.

In level 6-5, Alice relays the news of Alpha being the supposed wolf to Ina and Witney, the latter of whom proclaims Alice a hero. Later, Alice finally gives up on her search for the goddess, but is consoled by Witney, who offers her moon cakes.

World 7: Halloween[edit | edit source]

In level 7-1, Chen suggests that he, the player, and Ari join the Halloween Party. Ari asks what is required to join, to which Chen replies that Ari must dress up for the occasion to join. Later, they encounter a trick-or-treating Nono, who Ari gives candy to.

In level 7-2, the player and Ari encounter a crying Nono. Nono explains that he is crying because a droid took his candy from him, so Ari goes to get back Nono's candy. Later, the player encounters two droids and jumps on them, changing them from gray to blue, after which the Droids thank the player. Ari asks what happened, to which one of the Droids explains that the last thing that it remembers is getting some commands from someone named Rockskull. Ari then decides that he needs to stop Rockskull.

In level 7-4, the player encounters Ari and Rockskull. Ari tells Rockskull to freeze; instead, Rockskull runs away, with Ari and the player in pursuit. The player and Ari manage to corner Rockskull, after which Ari asks why Rockskull is reprogramming droids. Rockskull replies that it is because he looks abrasive, so nobody wants to play with him, and that he wants to do something to change their minds. Ari informs Rockskull that the droids that Rockskull reprograms are going rogue and harming people; Rockskull apologizes, and says that he only wants to be friends with people. Ari accepts Rockskull's apology, but says that they should first focus on fixing the rogue droids.

In level 7-5, Ari reports that all droids are functioning normally now. Nono rejoices that he will now get all candy. Rockskull thanks the others for playing with him, to which Ari replies that having a warm heart will help Rockskull make friends, despite Rockskull's looks, which Ari and Chen then compliment. Ari then suggests that they all go to join the Halloween party.

World 0: Hello Kitty[edit | edit source]

In level 0-1, Witney asks Hello Kitty and Nono if they have heard of the cuteness competition, eliciting excited reactions from the two. Witney suggests that they sign up immediately, but Hello Kitty asks for a little time first, which Witney gives her, saying that no girl ever has enough clothes. Later, Hello Kitty asks if Witney has found Witney's clothes; Witney says that she found a gorgeous set of clothes, which she decided to give to Hello Kitty for the competition, causing Hello Kitty to thank Witney.

In level 0-3, Hello Kitty encounters Wave, Chen, and Witney. Wave says that the competition will start shortly, and asks if they are nervous. Witney says that she is really excited, and Chen jokingly proclaims himself the winner of the competition, but Hello Kitty says that she is nervous. Wave says that everything is all right, and that he trusts the others. Witney backs him up, saying that Hello Kitty never causes problems, which Hello Kitty thanks her for saying.

Worldless Challenges[edit | edit source]

Outside of the worlds listed above, there are six challenges, numbered 008 to 013. The following section details what happens in the various challenges.

In Challenge #008: Darwin's Journal, Darwin Roy explains that Nervys are very sensitive and that one must be very quiet when around them, then tasks the player with completing a challenge while not alarming any of the Nervys within the challenge. After the player successfully completes this challenge, Darwin Roy compliments the player and gives them some coins.

In Challenge #009: Champion Tip 1, Alice tells the player to finish another challenge without disturbing the Nervys. She then tells the player that they did a good job in the previous challenge, and asks them if they're up for a bigger challenge. After the player completes the challenge, Alice compliments the player for their skills.

In Challenge #010: Champion Tip 2, Alice says that the player might have gotten lucky twice, telling them to prove her wrong by successfully completing a third challenge. After the player completes the challenge, Alice once again compliments the player's skills.

In Challenge #011: Cool Summer Delivery, Tiny complains that he can't think because the weather is so hot, so Flash suggests that the player gets some cold drinks for the band. At the end of the challenge, after the player collects three cold drinks, Tiny thanks the player.

In Challenge #012: Mission Nostalgia, Tiny is angry because his record collection is missing, so Ina suggests that everyone search for it. At the end of the challenge, after the player collects three of Tiny's records, Flash states that they got Tiny's record collection back, and that he hopes that Tiny is no longer furious.

In Challenge #013: The party's gonna be lit!, Flash states that they're preparing a epic party, and asks the player to get some food and drinks for it. After the player collects three pieces of pizza, Flash thanks them.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

There are 3 types of bosses in Super Phantom Cat 2. Each appears at the end of the final level of a given world.

Evil Robots are the most common boss. They are found in 1-7, 2-7, and the last level of Halloween. Inside these boss fights, there are 2 evil grey robots running around the arena (usually just a room), and the player must step on them to turn them blue. If the player only steps on one, the other robot comes around and kicks them back to life. This is usually harder than it seems because the levels are runner stages, meaning that Ari automatically runs from wall to wall, and the player only controls his jumps.

Inside 3-7, the player jumps on a moving train and must save Ina. She is guarded by a Giant Red Critter, who the player must get past if the player wants to save her and beat the level. Since the Resize power isn't unlocked until Dark Spire (world 5), the player must outsmart the Giant Red Critter into breaking Ina's cage. Once it is broken, Alpha appears and uses the Resize power to turn the Giant Red Critter back into a Red Critter, and then steps on it. Giant Red Critters appear again in Dark Spire, where the player can turn them into Red Critters.

Inside 5-7, the player must go up the final tower and rescue the Guardian Robot. When the player finally catches up, the robot in the UFO kicks Guardian Robot, making him unable to respond. This is when the final boss starts. In his first phase, Guardian Robot flies around, targeting Ari. After a few seconds, he dives down. To get past the first phase, the player must run on the clear blocks and make Guardian Robot fall on the spikes 3 times. Then the second phase starts. This time, Guardian Robot is on the floor and is running toward the player. Jump out of the way and he will crash into the wall. Jump on him, then repeat this process 2 more times, and Guardian Robot will be defeated.

Hello Kitty World Interface[edit | edit source]

There are 3 levels in World 0 - 0-1, 0-2, and 0-3. In all 3 worlds, you play as Hello Kitty. After completing all 3 levels, you unlock the Hello Kitty character to play in any level.

Inside the World Map, every button is either pink or dark pink (besides Wardrobe, which is purple). There are now pink gems, golden chests are wrapped up with a big bow, and coins are pink with a yellow bow on them. The only way to get pink gems is by paying real money.

There are 4 buttons, which are Gachapon, Wardrobe, Hello Kitty, and Shop.

Inside Wardrobe, you dress up Hello Kitty for the competition. She will be wearing the clothes that you put on her when you actually play as her in the levels. You can put different bows, dresses, shoes, and accessories. If you dress up Hello Kitty in the clothes that she wants, she will gain some experience. Just like in normal gameplay, leveling up means more health, coins, gems, and/or other stats. You can also level up by using the normal or golden gachapon.

Gachapon is only unlocked after you complete Hello Kitty's first wish. Here you can spend coins and gems to get more clothing to wear. There is the daily deal (costing coins), the weekly deal (costing pink gems), the normal gachapon, and the golden gachapon. You can use the normal and golden gachapon for free once a day, but then the normal gachapon costs 1000 coins, and the golden gachapon costs 1 gachapon coupon, which can be drawn out of the normal gachapon.

You get 2-5 clothing fragments from the normal gachapon. Once all of these have been collected, you will be able to wear them. However, you will get 50 clothing fragments from the golden gachapon.

All clothing:

Type of clothing Clothing design
Bow Red
Bow Red and blue
Bow Light red
Bow Bright red
Bow Dark pink
Bow Light pink
Bow Pink
Bow Dark red
Bow Christmas
Bow Red polka dots
Bow Pink polka dots
Bow Pink hearts
Bow Pinkish red
Bow Blue line
Bow Green
Bow Yellow
Bow Light pinkish red
Dress Red
Dress Blue decoration
Dress Pink apron
Dress Pink decoration
Dress Blue
Dress Light pink apron
Dress Purple line
Dress Black flowers
Dress Christmas
Dress Blue
Dress Light blue line
Dress Pink hearts
Dress Dark blue line
Dress Tuxedo
Dress Clown
Dress Yellow
Dress Blue and yellow
Shoes None
Shoes Blue
Shoes Black
Shoes Navy blue
Shoes Clown
Shoes Brown
Accessory None
Accessory Pink hat(?)
Accessory Crown
Accessory Heart sunglasses
Accessory Teddy bear
Accessory Flower
Accessory White teddy bear
Accessory Santa hat
Accessory Red wallet(?)
Accessory Pink apple
Accessory Heart
Accessory Fourth of july bow(?)
Accessory Top hat
Accessory Clown hat
Accessory Red hat

All the full suits are:

  • Hello Kitty
  • Retro Pop
  • Cute
  • Pink Sweetheart
  • Travel
  • Magician
  • Circus
  • Junior Painter
  • Walking
  • Alice
  • Pastry Chef
  • Sweets Queen
  • Summer
  • Strawberry Princess
  • Flower
  • Lovely
  • Happy Christmas

In-App Purchases[edit | edit source]

In Super Phantom Cat 2, there are a lot more in-app purchases than in Super Phantom Cat.

Ads only start appearing in Lost Garden (world 2). When you get to level 2-1, you have a one-time option to disable ads for a price.

There is a shop section, where many things can be bought:

  • The full soulburn cast for $1.99
  • Photon and 10 keys for $4.99
  • 10 gems for $0.99 (kitten pack)
  • 55 gems for $4.49 (feline pack)
  • 130 gems for $9.99 (cat norris pack)
  • 1500 coins for 10 gems
  • 5000 coins for 30 gems
  • 15000 coins for 80 gems

There also used to be gift bags, which came with no ads and/or unlimited energy.

Additionally, in the Hello Kitty World Interface, the Shop had an extra 3 items:

  • The small gift bag, which makes the game ad-free. It costs $0.99 and comes with 10 pink gems.
  • The premium gift bag, which makes the game ad-free and have unlimited energy. It costs $0.99 and comes with 65 pink gems.
  • The luxury gift bag, which makes the game ad-free and have unlimited energy. It costs $1.99 and comes with 150 pink gems and the Christmas Hello Kitty full suit.

Version History[edit | edit source]

Update Number Update Summary
  • The game was released.
  • Nothing of note was changed.
  • Real-money purchases of at least $4.99 are now bundled with "Unlimited Energy", which removes the energy meter; in effect, this allows users to play games as frequently as they want without being constrained by how many bars of energy remain in their energy meter.
  • The Forum (later rebranded "Chat Room") was added to the game.
  • The Autumnight world was added to the game.
  • A special bundle, only available for one week, was available for a real-money purchase of $1.99. This bundle included the character Alice, 30 gems, and "Unlimited Energy" (explained in the 1.2 Update Summary).
  • Changed what icons exist on the level select screen, removing the Diamond icon and adding the Number of Exploration Points, Number of Chests Opened, and Crown icons.
  • Nothing of note was changed.
  • The Halloween world was added to the game.
  • The character Rockskull was added to the game.
  • The Autumnight world was removed from the game.
  • Nothing of note was changed.
  • The Hello Kitty and Ancient Tree worlds were added to the game.
  • The Hello Kitty World Interface was added to the game (as part of the Hello Kitty World).
  • The Halloween world was removed from the game.
  • Increased the maximum number of coins that players can have while still having the Treasure Shrine pay them from 10000 to 20000.
  • The Autumnight and Halloween worlds were re-added to the game.
  • The Dark Spire world was added to the game.
  • The characters Pink, El Jefe, Wait, and Photon were added to the game.
  • Added a daily login reward mechanism to the game.
  • Some real-money purchases are discounted by 50%.
  • Nothing of note was changed.
  • Nothing of note was changed.
  • Added a loot wheel to the game.
  • Removed World 0 and the Hello Kitty World Interface.
  • Added Bingo.
  • The characters Kakat, Minmint, Neant, and Prince Ari were added to the game.
  • Added eight titles corresponding to exploration point totals between all levels.
  • Nothing of note was changed.
  • Nothing of note was changed.
  • Added daily missions.
  • A new version of Ina was added.
  • Nothing of note was changed.
  • Nothing of note was changed.

Super Phantom Cat Remake[edit | edit source]

Super Phantom Cat Remake is a 2019 platform game for Nintendo Switch. The game is essentially a remake of Super Phantom Cat 2, but with some differences, listed below.

Major Differences[edit | edit source]

  • The game costs $10 instead of being free-to-play, but in return for the upfront cost, the game has no microtransactions for energy or gems (with both energy and gems being removed from the game entirely).
  • As a result of microtransactions being removed, Alpha, Wait, Photon, and Ina can be unlocked by obtaining their fragments instead of by their unlock schemes in the mobile game (instead of Alpha's fragments being obtained by dying 3 times in a row per fragment, Wait's requiring a play streak of 7 days straight, Photon costing $4.99, and Ina requiring completing level 3-7).
  • To allow players to get all of these character fragments for characters who don't have fragments in the mobile or Steam versions, the remake has more secrets than in Super Phantom Cat 2. Inside levels like 1-4 and 1-7, there are extra exploration points and treasures to be collected. Additionally, the Plant power can grow white dots into flowers, which can unlock secrets.
  • The game's control scheme relies on the Switch's native controls, using the joysticks to move, A or B to jump, and X or Y to use a sprite.
  • Three of the Worlds have been removed: Autumnight, Halloween, and Hello Kitty. This reduces the number of levels from 66 to 53 and reduces the total worlds from 9 to 6.
  • It's impossible to level up in the game, with experience-based gimmicks removed as well. As a result, all buildings in the Base (save for the Wishing Tree and Treasure Shrine) are unlocked after completing level 1-4. Also, potions, balloons, and keys can be unlocked simply by paying for them with coins rather than by deploying characters to gather them as in Super Phantom Cat 2.
  • Chests give many more coins and Hero Fragments. Brown chests will give 170-240 coins, while golden chests usually give 40–60 Fragments for a random character (10–30 with Alpha or Photon), with a rare chance of instead giving 460–530 coins (though this always occurs in Ancient Tree).

Minor Differences[edit | edit source]

  • Phantom Powers have been altered somewhat: Plant can now turn white dots into coins, Blink can now travel through clear pipes, and Slam is now called Smash.
  • Updates, events, and challenges have been removed.
  • A few minor story tweaks have been implemented, namely to fix bugs. These include Ari moving by himself over to Ina and the Guardian Robot in the introduction and the typo in the last line of the Guardian Robot's epilogue speech being fixed. Also, continuity-wise, in this game, the regular boss robots are only fought twice, as the Halloween world is removed.
  • The names of the character categories have spaces in between them now, and descriptions.

Aside from the changes listed above, Remake is identical to Super Phantom Cat 2.

Super Phantom Cat (on Steam)[edit | edit source]

Super Phantom Cat is another remake of Super Phantom Cat 2 on the game engine Steam. It is almost identical to the Nintendo Switch remake, besides the fact that the controls are different to suit a PC.

The game costs $4.99 on Steam. You can also purchase multiple packs including Super Phantom Cat, for varying prices:

  • The soundtrack for Super Phantom Cat. It costs $0.99.
  • Cat's Fantastic Journey - includes Super Phantom Cat and its soundtrack, and Wenjia and its soundtrack. It costs $11.16 and saves 30% off all items.
  • WhiteLake Studio Full Bundle - includes Super Phantom Cat, Wenjia, Hunger Apartment, and Game Studio Simulator. It costs $15.16 and saves 20% off all items.
  • National Day Special Bundle - includes Super Phantom Cat, Wenjia, and Bugs Must Die. It costs $20.77 and saves 20% off all items.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The levels in Ancient Tree are essentially ported levels from the original Super Phantom Cat, remastered to use the new graphics and sprites, avoiding reliance on Super Phantom Cat-exclusive features such as checkpoints, and so on.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. This name has been made up by a user of this wiki, as the thing in question does not have an official name. If an official name is ever announced, that name will replace this one.
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