Robots are friendly creatures found in both Super Phantom Cat and Super Phantom Cat 2. This article lists what the different varieties of robots have in common, as well as what differences there are between the four varieties of robots, all of which (with the exception of Drones) are found in both games.

Common Traits[edit | edit source]

All robots (with the exception of Drones) share three traits:

  1. All robots are primarily blue, with yellow and green accents. (Drones share this trait too.)
  2. All robots pace back and forth within a set area, which varies for each individual robot (though these areas may overlap under certain circumstances).
  3. All robots are intangible to the player from the sides, but not from the top. This means that players can walk right through robots, but will not pass through robots from the top, instead triggering the robot's special ability (which varies between the three types of robots).

Spring Bots[1][edit | edit source]

A Spring Bot.

Spring Bots are cylindrical robots with rounded domes. Landing on their domes will launch the player straight upwards into the air and temporarily push the robot into the ground. The robot will stay pressed into the ground with only its dome exposed, bouncing any players who walk across it, for a short period of time before rising out of the ground and continuing to pace back and forth with its normal behavior.

A big Spring Bot.

In Super Phantom Cat 2, within World 5, if the player uses the Resize power on Spring Bots, they will temporarily become enlarged, gain an extra two eyes to the sides of their normal one, and launch the player much higher into the air than they usually do. After a short period of time, they will shrink back down to their normal size, losing their extra two eyes and only bouncing the player the normal amount into the air (until and unless the player uses the Resize power on them again).

Launcher Bots[1][edit | edit source]

A Launcher Bot.

Launcher Bots are mostly square robots that, when landed on from above, will stop pacing and catch the player. The player can then use the left and right buttons to angle the robot (with the player in it) to the left or right. Upon pushing the jump button, the player will be launched out of the robot in the direction of the player's choosing. The robot will then continue pacing.

Bomb Bots[edit | edit source]

A Bomb Bot.

Bomb Bots are cylindrical robots with cylindrical stoppers extending from the tops of their heads. Landing on top of a Bomb Bot's head (or using the Blink power to teleport through a Bomb Bot) will depress the stopper, turning it orange and causing a countdown to begin. When the countdown ends, the Bomb Bot will turn gray and blow up any bricks in a 3x3 area with it in the center. After a short period of time, the Bomb Bot will resume its normal coloration and continue pacing wherever it is now.

Drones[edit | edit source]

A Drone.

Drones are glider-like robots. Unlike the other types of robots, they do not pace back and forth, and their ability can be activated from any side. Upon touching a Drone, the player will hang onto it, and it will begin slowly descending. While descending, it can be steered left and right by the player, and will descend especially quickly after touching a coin. The player will let go if the player pushes the jump button or touches ground, at which point the Drone will return to its former position.

Guardian Robot[edit | edit source]

Guardian Robot.

Guardian Robot is a big robot that seems to be powered by a Data/Lightning Bolt (inside Super Phantom Cat, Ari gets his powers from one of those too. Plus, Alpha and Flash have them too). This robot was probably built as a protector of the Phantom World, presumably by the Phantom Heroes. But in the first stage, Guardian Robot gets taken by UFO. In the final stage, Ari saves Guardian Robot and the Phantom World is safe again.

Evil Robots[edit | edit source]

An evil robot.

An evil robot that was turned into a good robot.

Evil Robots are robots that do not help the player. These are the main villains of the game. While good robots are blue and have green eyes, evil robots are grey and have red eyes. Inside 1-7, 2-7, and in Halloween, the player must fight 2 evil robots. When the player steps on them, they turn back into blue robots, probably meaning that they used to be helpful robots but then turned into evil robots.[2] There is also an evil robot using the UFO that captures Ina and Guardian Robot. At the end of the game, Guardian Robot is able to defeat them, and they call "I will be back!"

References[edit | edit source]

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