This is a list of all characters who appear in Super Phantom Cat 2 (SPC2) or Super Phantom Cat (SPC). For the backstory of any character on this list, see Story.

Note that any occurrences of "???" in this table indicate that no one who can obtain the designated value that the "???" is a substitute for has added it, so feel free to add the value if you can obtain it.

Icon Name Special Appearances Cost Notes
Ari2.PNG Ari1.PNG Ari None SPC2, SPC 0 (see Notes) 0 (see Notes) Ari is unlocked at the start of both games. He is sometimes referred to as Chemist White.
Alpha2.PNG Alpha1.PNG Alpha Invulnerable to harm, reappears on screen after falling off SPC2, SPC 100 (one fragment gained every time the player plays as him)

In Remake, you can unlock him from golden chests

N/A (only playable when the player loses three times in a row) Alpha is referred to as the Phantom cat in SPC.
Tiny2.PNG Tiny1.PNG Tiny None SPC2, SPC ??? 1000 Tiny is the smallest character in the game.
Flash2.PNG Flash1.PNG Flash Exclusive movement effects (SPC2 only) SPC2, SPC 100 10000 Teaches Ari about the Phantom World in both games.
Kevo2.PNG Kevo1.PNG Kevo None SPC2, SPC 60 250 Kevo is the first character you unlock in SPC.
Wave.PNG Blast.PNG Wave (SPC2)
Blast (SPC)
Magnet to attract coins, exclusive movement effects (both SPC2 only) SPC2, SPC 100 N/A (unlocked by beating all of Discorun) Keeps running in the Discorun world
Rockskull.PNG Rockhead.PNG Rockskull (SPC2)
Rockhead (SPC)
Jumps higher than other characters, walks backwards SPC2 100 (only obtainable in the Halloween levels) N/A (unlocked by watching an advertisement)
Ina.PNG N/A Ina None SPC2 80 (only obtainable after level 3-7 is completed) N/A In Remake, you can unlock her before level 3-7.
Chen.PNG N/A Chen None SPC2 80 N/A
Nono.PNG N/A Nono Heart +1, exclusive movement effects SPC2 100 N/A
Alice.PNG N/A Alice Falling speed reduced, exclusive movement effects SPC2 80 N/A
Pink.PNG N/A Pink Gets 5 additional coins from every defeated critter SPC2 100 N/A
El Jefe.PNG N/A El Jefe None SPC2 80 N/A
Slick.PNG N/A Slick None SPC2 80 N/A
Witney.PNG N/A Witney None SPC2 80 N/A
Luke Roy.PNG N/A Luke Roy None SPC2 50 N/A
Mike Roy.PNG N/A Mike Roy Doubles collected coins, exclusive movement effects SPC2 100 N/A
Darwin Roy.PNG N/A Darwin Roy None SPC2 50 N/A Appears in many quests, a lot of times to save the robots.
Wait.PNG N/A Wait None SPC2 100 (all unlocked at once through the daily rewards system) N/A
Photon.PNG N/A Photon Head glows near hidden locations SPC2 N/A (only available through a $4.99 in-app purchase) N/A
Kakat.png N/A Kakat ??? SPC2 100 N/A
Minmint.jpeg N/A Minmint ??? SPC2 80 N/A
Neant.png N/A Neant ??? SPC2 100 N/A
Elo.PNG N/A Elo N/A (not playable) SPC2 (not playable) N/A (not playable) N/A (not playable) Alpha sends this sprite to help Ari on his quest.
UFO.PNG N/A UFO N/A (not playable) SPC2 (not playable) N/A (not playable) N/A (not playable) An evil robot, apart from the good blue ones.
Guardian Robot.PNG N/A Guardian Robot N/A (not playable) SPC2 (not playable) N/A (not playable) N/A (not playable) The guardian robot, protecting the temple.
N/A Hermione.PNG Hermione Starts with 3 hearts, gains a heart at every save point SPC N/A 500
N/A M-42.PNG M-42 Shows how many coins are in the current level SPC N/A 1200 Used to be Android in SPC.
N/A Cop.PNG Cop Begins each level with the Bullet sprite, fires two bullets at once SPC N/A 1200
N/A Spaceman.PNG Spaceman None SPC N/A 1500
N/A Bear Fear.PNG Bear Fear None SPC N/A 1500
N/A Vampire.PNG Vampire Makes a bat-decorated border appear around the edges of the screen SPC N/A 3000
N/A Mantis.PNG Mantis None SPC N/A ???
N/A Robin.PNG Robin None SPC N/A N/A (unlocked by completing Oldtime)
N/A Rola.PNG Rola None SPC N/A N/A (unlocked by liking the Super Phantom Cat Facebook page)
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