Alpha (also known as the Phantom cat) is an anthropomorphic black cat who appears in Super Phantom Cat and Super Phantom Cat 2. He is not normally playable as a character, only being available when certain unusual conditions are met; however, he has special powers that make it almost impossible for him to lose a level.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Playability Conditions[edit | edit source]

In Super Phantom Cat, Alpha cannot be played unless the player has just lost the same level three or more times in a row. The game will then offer the player the option to play as Alpha. The player cannot play as Alpha at any times other than when the game offers to let the player play as Alpha. If the player quits, passes a checkpoint, or finishes the level, their character will revert to normal.

In Super Phantom Cat 2, the conditions under which the player can play as Alpha are slightly more complicated. The player must lose the same level three times in a row, after which the game will offer the player the option to pay 10 gems to play as Alpha. If the player pays the 10 gems, they will not only get to play as Alpha until they quit or finish the level, they will also get a Hero Fragment of Alpha. Once the player has collected 100 of Alpha's Hero Fragments, the player can play as Alpha whenever they like. It is also possible, though very rare, to get Alpha’s hero fragments through golden chests.

In Super Phantom Cat Remake, Alpha can be played once the player gets all of his character fragments through normal golden chests. He can be played as much as the player would like.

Extra Powers[edit | edit source]

When playing Alpha in either game, Alpha has a special set of powers. He is invincible to harm, can walk through monsters to destroy them, and floats upwards in a bubble upon falling off the screen. The combination of these powers make it almost impossible for him to lose a level.

Drawbacks[edit | edit source]

These powers have a couple of drawbacks, though. One is that, in Super Phantom Cat, Alpha cannot bounce off of a monster upon jumping on it; rather, he simply falls through it. This does not apply to Super Phantom Cat 2, where Alpha can bounce off of monsters like anyone else.

The other drawback is that the bubble that he generates upon falling off of the screen only goes up to slightly higher than the platform that he last fell off of. This means that if the platform that he last fell off of has been destroyed, or if he is in a level in parkour mode, he may not be able to get onto a platform at all, leaving him permanently suspended below the playing area (until the player quits the level).

Personality[edit | edit source]

According to Super Phantom Cat 2, Alpha is the last Phantom Hero. As such, he bears heavy responsibility and holds many secrets. He serves as Ari and Flash's mentor.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Super Phantom Cat[edit | edit source]

In the tutorial, Alpha saves a young Ari from monsters, after which he carries Ari to safety. Alpha then tries to leave after Ari wakes up, but Ari continues following Alpha, causing Alpha to give him a lightning-bolt shaped object before leaving.

Super Phantom Cat 2[edit | edit source]

In the tutorial, Alpha saves Ari from monsters, being assisted by Ari in doing so. Alpha tells Ari to find Alpha's sprite friend and leaves to find clues.

In level 3-7, after Ari's fight with a giant monster leads to Ari's sister Ina being freed, Alpha appears, shrinks and defeats the monster, and then leaves.

In level 6-3, Alpha encounters Alice. Alice initially believes Alpha to be a wolf, but Alpha manages to convince her that he is, in fact, a cat. Alpha suggests that they continue their discussion somewhere safer, so he travels to the end of the level. After Alice catches up to Alpha, Alice relays what has been happening recently, including Ina having seen a dark shadow howling, which she presumed to be a wolf. Alpha reveals that this was actually just him practicing karaoke, and tells Alice to apologize to Ina for him.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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